Friday, September 26, 2014



As is the case, most of the time, more info is coming out about the Ray Rice incident. As if socking her was not enough, the lame spit on her! Then we got this clown Paul George talking about, “If she ain’t trippin’ I ain’t trippin’. Let’s keep it movin,” and the worse part of his idiotic statement was that it included a L-O-L.
What the hell is wrong with these dudes? I guess ole George thinks that was some slick stuff to say. NOT! If any dude was to treat my baby like that, they’re FINISHED! In George’s case it looks like the karma caught up with his ignorance in advance. I hated what happened to him when it occurred, but when dudes display a level of ignorance as it pertains to women I instantly think about Te’a.
My daughter and the daughter’s of others do not deserve to be laughed at when they are the victims of weak men and held prisoner by internal battles of feeling that they must be with that man. George’s comments almost disgusted me as much as Rice’s actions!



Just when we thought that some of these athletes couldn’t do any worse, Adrian Peterson crosses the line! How does a person beat their child until they bleed? How crazy is that?
My mama used to break me and my brother off. Dudes that I’ve been incarcerated with talk about how their mother’s used to beat their ass. Yet we reminisce on those beatings in jail! I stopped my wife from whooping my kids. That shit doesn’t work. It makes the parents feel better. I look at the things these cats are doing and constantly wonder how I’m the one confined.
I’m no angel. I admit that I’ve participated in things that are consistent with the lifestyle that I lived. But I’m respectful to my elders. I’ve never harmed a child. And I’ve never put my hands on a woman. So pardon me if you can’t understand why I’m asking myself what the F is wrong wit’ these dudes!



My daughter is 14 and maybe about a year or two ago, I told her why I call her my angel. When I was young, I preferred death to a lengthy prison sentence. And during one of my criminal excursions, I was unarmed, but foolishly chose to act as if I was so that the police would finish me because I thought I was facing a boatload of time. I heard a voice say “Te’a,” and I struck out running. The police were shooting, but I didn’t not get hit! Although I was later apprehended, I didn’t get nearly as much time as I thought that I would and it was because I heard my baby’s name.
My criminal lifestyle continued after my release. A friend of mine hated when I used to say, “I’m built for the Life.” I said it because I am. I hate prison, but I don’t do anything if I can’t accept the repercussions of my actions. In my mind I had resolved with myself that prison stints are a part of a game that I had chosen to play in life. One does not just get the money and the women. Serving time is part of the Game, as well. Yes, that way of thinking is warped! And I’m not ashamed of that.
I am also not ashamed that I am the son of a recovering drug addict. I am not ashamed that I am the son of an alcoholic father. I am not ashamed that my brother and best friend succumbed to the very substance that gave us financial hope. I am not even ashamed that there was a time that I could be considered homeless.
Yesterday, I talked to my angel. The other day I talked to my youngest son Te’Sean, and I talked to my oldest son, CaNon, about a week ago. I communicate with them all and they love me, which causes me my greatest shame.
Almost 19 years ago me and my wife, Regina, had our first child. We later went half on two more, and I have not upheld my end. Failing as a father is the biggest failure taht a man can have. Even with my prison convictions, I’ve never felt like a failure. Not being the father that I should be is unacceptable and I’m ashamed of that!


A Complicated Conversation


I am a 38 year old incarcerated black man. Unfortunately, my current predicament is a common problem in black communities across this nation. Sadly, another common problem that black men in this country are faced with is the loss of life by those that are supposed to serve and protect. Many, justifiably so, say ‘the police aren’t the only ones killing you.’ While it is true that we are killing each other at an alarming rate, our fear of the police is still warranted.
As an avid CNN viewer it’s baffling why people wonder why we don’t trust the police. It’s as if injustices that we suffer from the police only occur in our head. The question seems to be, “How do the police gain trust within the black community?” I can tell you now, the first step is that parents need to be able to teach their children to respect the police, not be fearful of them. But parents also aren’t going to lie. And the real truth is that the police serve whites and blacks differently. My mistrust of the police is not because of the criminal lifestyle that led to my imprisonment, either. Remember, there are many law abiding citizens that look like me and share my distrust as well.
On visits, my seven year old son always asks me, “What did you do?” I don’t give him the particulars, but I tell him, “I did something that I shouldn’t have done and you have to come in here when you’re bad.” I also have an 18 year old son, and if I were to set my personal bias aside and have a talk with him in hopes that he’d be objective in judging the police, responses to some of his questions may prove to be counter-productive. Using facts that he’s aware of, a conversation between us may sound like this:
“Daddy do you think all police are crooked?”
“No. Like all people, some are good and some are bad.”
“I hate ‘em!”
“Because they always fuck wit’ us for nothing! Plus, look how they did you.”
“When we live a certain lifestyle, and it involves doing things that are illegal you go to jail when you get caught.”
“You didn’t stay in jail when they raided our house that one time. What happened?”
“They lied and said that they bought dope from me and they didn’t. So, my lawyer, Mr. Renn was able to catch the office who filed for the affidavit in the lie, and I beat the case.”
“So this time they really bought some from you?”
“Naw. This time the officer said that he saw Shawn get out of my car and Shawn had the dope on him.”
“Did he see Shawn get out of the car.”
“So they lied again?”
“Yeah. Only this time by the time I found out that he’d lied I’d already loss at trial.”
“Was it the same cop?”
“So, different cop, but the same unethical tatics?” All I can do is shrug my shoulders and nod my head yes. “If Shawn had the drugs, how come you got more time than him? Is your record worse than his?”
Shaking my head no, I respond, “It’s not even close. My record is nowhere near as bad as Shawn’s. They gave me more time because they were upset that I beat the first case.” Now, in a situation like that how can a parent paint the police in a positive light? Couple that with the fact that young black men constantly see, on the news, that their unarmed peers are being killed by the police. It seems that out only alternative as parents is to teach our children to fear the police, thus negating any form of trust.
One would think that a country that brags about being the world’s leader would at least offer its citizens equal protection. However, that’s laughable! We can only expect more of the same. The Headquarters of the highest level of law enforcement in this country is named after a known racist.
Republicans won’t speak on what’s going on in Ferguson because they don’t care. You know the old adage . . . “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Democrats are reluctant to speak out, and when they do they make politically correct statements, because votes in our community are valuable. I by no means blame anyone but me for me being in prison, but my advice to black men and women in this country is to rely on each other to correct the problems that plague our communities.


Intelligent Contituency


Martin Luther King Jr…..excuse me Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that blacks and whites could receive equal treatment in this country. I want u to become smarter and less naive. You must recognize the power that you have as constituents. Candidates should not receive votes based on what they look like and which party they’re affiliated with. Furthermore, those that are elected must be held accountable for politicizing issues of substance.
We are led by men and women who are self-serving. They lie to us. They manipulate us. At best, our wants and needs are tertiary on their list of priorities. Once they fulfill their personal obligations, they look-out for those that pour money into their campaigns. Voters can change that!  Stop allowing these lying self-serving ingrates to be professional public servants. The internet affords you all the information to stay abreast of what our elected leaders are doing. The NSA deleves into your personal lives. Delve into theirs! Know what their political agendas are. Find out if they’re making good on campaign promises. Just don’t be sidetracked by inconsequential matters. Who cares if he or she had an affair? Indiscretions of that sort must be dealt with amongst them, their spouse, and their family.
While I do understand that we can’t be voting for men with troglodytic behavioral patterns, and women who allow their promiscuity to unravel the thread that holds their family together; I just believe there greater concerns to focus on when weighing the pros and cons as to whether the incumbent or the challenger, should get your vote. For instance, one would think that it’s more important for them to be forthcoming about plans and policies that are going to upgrade the education system in inner cities, create job opportunities, and protect the homeland. All of these are far more important than who they are flirting with. I don’t give a damn who you rendezvous with on your business trip! I want CaNon, Tea’, and Te’Sean to have the same opportunities as Tom, Beth, and Ben.
Constituents have power! You just need to exert it. We let politicians off the hook, too often. Stop that! They lie; gotta go. They don’t deliver on promises, they gotta go. They don’t fight for us, vote ‘em out. Once it’s apparent that we mean business, they’ll get right. It’ll become obvious that counterfeit campaign promises may get you elected, but you’ll only get one term.
Politicians are so silly that with all the chaos that’s going on in the world, i.e. Isis beheading people, Israel and Hamas killing each other, and Putin running roughshod over the Ukrainian people; Rep Peter King had the nerve to be on T.V. offering criticism about the President’s new suit. Now let that sink in. They hate President Obama so much that they are talking about the man’s suit! Can you get with that ? Right now the big issue is President Obama’s “We don’t have a strategy” statement. I wish he would just say, “Shut the hell up!” For one, if you’re up against a formidable opponent, I’d like for them to believe that I’m not prepared. And if I do have a strategy, I don’t want my enemies to know what it is. That’s just stupid! What country really thinks the United States can’t handle any beef they’re in? I’d respect Republicans more is they would just admit that they hate the President, and state why they hate him. At some point ignorant racist whites should just have a spine and stop hiding behind sheets and veiled insults.
Even though a dude like Senator Mitch McConnell would never get my vote, I respect him. When President Obama was elected, truthfully stated that their goal was to make him a one term president. The message was clear! “We don’t like you and want you out.” And has anyone not notices how they refer to the President? President doesn’t always precede his name, as it does President Obama’s predecessors. With the exception of Wolf Blitzer, I constantly hear him just called Obama. Barrack Obama. Sometimes I guess when they’re feeling real patriotic they call him, Mr. Obama. The hatred is evident! That nig@#%r went too far rising up from the fields to the White House.
But, I want to make it clear that I don’t think that it’s all Republicans or just white people that hate the President or those those that look like him. We have black people like Dr. Benjamin Carson who had the nerve to say that Obama Care is the worst thing to ever happen to this country. I don’t know how wanting everyone to have health care is worse than slavery and the Jim Crow era, but apparently in his eyes it is.
Mr.Carson is a perfect example of how we need to listen to the message and not focus on what the messenger looks like. I give Sen. Rand Paul props, because he stood before an audience at Howard University, knowing they didn’t really like him, but he went. And he seems to TRY to empathize with some of the plights of blacks. Genuine or not, we can’t know, but we should listen. N.J Governor Chris Christie  is blunt and upfront! Whether you agree with his message or not we should respect a politician that’s real. He must be doing something that’s beneficial to minorities, because he’s loved in the blue state of New Jersey.
It is always good to have options. Everyone deserves a chance to be heard. Don’t be swayed by someone who the only thing they have going for them is offering you a handout. The world doesn’t know a more resilient people than black people. We don’t need entitlements. All we need is a level playing field. Your vote is your voice. But be heard after making an informed decision. Be an intelligent constituent.



Into Interracial?


As an individual who trys to be color blind, I notice that the people that hate interracial relationships the most are white men and black women. Sistah’s why do y’all hate it so much? I’ve been in an interracial relationship and must say that I enjoyed it. I was born and raised in Detroit, so of course the majority of the women that I’ve been with share the same hue as I do. However, I’m of the mindset that if she’s appealing to You, and makes You happy, to hell with what color she is! Ladies too. If a white dude is what floats your boat, sail that M-F right up the river! Happiness is what it’s all about, cause in the end, love ain’t nothing but a misunderstanding between two fools!




Yesterday, Ray Rice was indefinitely suspended by the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens terminated his contract, because of the physical abuse he inflicted upon his wife. Is the punishment too harsh? I’m surely not in any position to judge anyone for their transgressions. I surely can’t cast the first stone. However, I find it appalling that the league and his organization took further actions after he had already been punished.
Public backlash caused them to cave, not principle. The news is filled with anchors making no effort to hide their disgust, as well as reporting comments of Rice’s contemporaries. Granted, everyone is entitled to express themselves, but I wonder how many of the men opining negative views have put their hands on a woman?How many women endured abusive relationships or are in an abusive relationship while haranguing about Ray Rice? Hypocrisy is disgusting!
I’m not a defender of Ray Rice! I, myself have no understanding of men putting their hands on women. There’s not a woman anywhere that can say that CaNon put his hands on her in a manner in which she didn’t like. I value the women in my life and have female friends with daughters that I care a great deal for (Ivy being #1). It would be no problem for me to unremorsefully harm any man foolish enough to do to them what he did to his then fiancee. My sister, daughter, and nieces should never have to fear being in relationships with men that will settle their domestic differences as he would with another man. Such actions toward those that I love is punishable by . . .. I’m being rehabilitated so I shall not finish that thought. However, I think it’s absurd that people feel that Ray Rice should lose his job, be ostracized, and hated! It’s possible that it was a onetime incident and will never happen again, but how will we know if we continually cast stones and don’t even give the man a chance?